Sunday, March 27, 2011

300: This is Bott-ttle!!!

Three different bottles from three different location digs (one was picked) with an expiry date averaging three years apart from each other.

'Fat bottles' were abundant during my younger days in the 80s. Kids even used these 285mls as target practise. After emptying the contents, they were thrown away as there were no cash return value.

It took me quite a while to clean these fatties. Like battle scars, the plastic labels are pretty worn out with one is at risk of falling apart, having rode through some of the roughest environmental conditions in tropical Malaysia.

No cash return value. Just dispose.

Probably not many around. Great for keeps for collection or for sentimental value.

100 Plus metal twist cap (mug 92) - Label condition 35%. Retails for RM21.
100 Plus plastic cap (mug 95) - Label condition 60%. Retails for RM11.
100 Plus plastic cap (mug 99) - Label condition 90%. Retails for RM35.

* Kindly contact 012 6736161 (Mr. Ho) if you are interested in this product or wish to inspect the bottle. Thank you.


  1. 100PLUS launched kat Malaysia in 83. 92 macam tak lama but actually its almost 20 years, mannnn... im old!!! :)

  2. yeah I feel old too... even 1999 is 12 years already. :)

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